Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2015

The eagerly awaited Victoria’s Secret fashion show has arrived! Airing on the 9th of December, where all of the latest, hottest lingerie will be on show on the hottest models, designed by the hottest designers!

I know some of you are wanting to get a sneak peek on the outfits and who wore them so I’ve put together some of my favourites from the show for you. You’re welcome!


The beautiful Angel, Lily Aldridge from California is rocking this Carnival type Firework Fantasy bra worth $2 million by Mouawad



Kendall Jenner was one of the famous faces displaying these beautiful masterpieces.


Behati Prinsloo owned this hippy ensemble


Here is one of the new Angels to join the team- Elsa Hosk, a Swedish model.


Martha Hunt’s wings and tasseled thigh high boots combo


Another new Angel to  join the team! From Brazil, Lais Ribeiro, photographed here in the snow angel section of the show.


The youngest model in the show, Taylor Hill at the age of 19. Photographed here in the Dark Angel theme of the show.

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Intagram Celeb

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Taxonomy and Folksonomy of Twitter

Taxonomy of Twitter

Taxonomy is a formal classification using a tiered term structure.

One of the taxonomies of Twitter would be the classification of Verified and Unverified accounts. This shows up as a blue tick next to the Twitter handle of the users. It separates public figures from the general public. This is useful because it represents official accounts and therefore makes it easier to identify and search for them.

Also, everybody in the Twitter-verse has a unique Twitter handle and therefore it gives each user their individuality and makes it easier for them to be found.

The Tweets are ordered in a way in which the more recent are at the top of the feed. The most popular Tweets that become re-tweeted are also towards the top.

Categories of Twitter

People can create a list of users that share the same interests and views as them. Within this, recent Tweets and updates are shown so the user can be fully informed of popular activity.

Twitter Folksonomy

Folksonomy, known as social tagging, is system in which users can apply public tags to online items, determined by everyday public. It’s a user Folksonomies democratize the way that information is structured; they’re more useful to users. One of the most important strengths of Folksonomy is that it directly reflects on the vocabulary of users.

Elements of Twitter Folksonomy

  • Hashtags

Users create tags to mark resources such as Web pages, podcasts, pictures, videos. These tags are used to managed, categorize and summarize online content. This social classification system also use tags as a way to index information, facilities searches and navigate resources. Folksonomy also includes a set of URL’s that are used to indentify resources that have been referred by users of different websites.

Hashtags are abbreviations, word of phrases preceded by a crosshatch symbol. If a large number of messages share a hashtag, an algorithm ensures these messages have higher visibility or trend.

Twitter is defined by several characteristics that increases its structure: It’s accessible; there’s no hierarchy; it’s categorize content (there is a classification system that links ideas and comments, and its generate by users.

Internal classification system

There are many different ways to search on Twitter. You can find tweets from yourself, friends, local authorities and everyone. By searching the topic keywords or hastags, your results will show a combination of Tweets, photos, accounts, and more. You can filter your results by clicking top, live, accounts, photo or videos, which are allocated at the top of your search results. You can also click more options to see above filters and from there you can choose to see results from everyone or from people you follow and from everywhere or near you

What makes content shareable?!

What would make a piece of online content shareable, you ask?

Well I have hand picked just a few examples of websites or pots or videos online that make the internet a better place to be!

The fist one is a big one.

Vouge is an international, iconic fashion magazine that is the motherland of everything fashion and beauty. The layout and format that the website is in also makes it very easy to navigate around and it Image from: very appealing, also sticking to the brand identity and image. I love their website because, sticking to the black and white minimalist chic theme, it is full of news, fashion shows, arts and videos. The section that I especially love is the trends section. This is because this section is always updated and shows the latest trends the designers have to offer. Another reason why it is shareable is that I can easily share each article on different social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

The second piece on online content that I think is very shareable is the YouTube channel, Mode. I love this channel because it focuses on fashion and makes very professional looking and interesting videos. It does however have videos in other categories aswell. This is good and important because they widen their audience and increase their subscribers and views by making videos about fitness, nails, beauty etc. Another good thing about their channel is that they have famous people featuring in their videos as well as regular presenters. And again, everything on YouTube can be shared on social media, yay!

Here is their most recent video, relating to Halloween. And as the holiday is soon approaching, take notes!

Video from:

3 Reasons why clothes are AWESOME

They keep you warm

People often dismiss the primary function of the common garment. Above all else, its gets pretty cold outside so its best to grab a stylish over-sized jumper and face the day!

Trends change over time

This can be both a blessing and a curse as we all know that we are not made of money (except for the select few) so it can be heavy on the cash when you want to keep up with the styles. However, a new spin on your style each season could be just the thing to make heads turn and lift your spirits! You could also look fabulous and not be broke all the time by going to charity shops and looking online for pre-owned clothes for example Asos Marketplace. Make sure to get these new additions from a trusted source because the last thing you want to do is find a hole in something youve just bought!

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There are so many styles of clothing you can choose from

Although it is good to keep up with the trends to an extent, it is essential to have your own individual style. You can create your own statement by doing this and then reflect who you are through your amazing fashion taste!